Estate Litigation

Justin J. Sasser | Estate Law in Maryland

Maryland Estate Litigation Lawyer

As a Trust, Estate and Probate Litigation attorney I represent individuals and corporations in all aspects of litigation regarding the administration of trusts and estates.  I address challenges to the validity and interpretation of estate planning documents, defend personal representatives (executors) and trustees against claims relating to the administration of estates and trusts, and protect the interests of beneficiaries.

Clients rely on me not only to represent them in various courts, but also to resolve matters in an effort to avoid litigation.  I will work together with you to make sure that we maximize the opportunities to resolve your case in the most cost-effective and financially beneficial manner.  Further, I assist with the drafting and negotiation of global settlement agreements to protect rights and release claims, private settlement agreements to address trust issues, and fiduciary indemnification agreements.

I also regularly represent clients in mediation, if they choose to resolve matters in that manner or are ordered to do so by a court.  With the drafting experience of our estate planners and the advocacy experience of our litigators, we are uniquely positioned to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

I also assist clients to establish guardianships and are involved in the ongoing administration of contested guardianship matters, protecting vulnerable individuals from neglect or financial exploitation.

Experienced Representation in Complex Estate Probate Litigation

Regardless of how you approach a contested estate probate matter, you need a lawyer who has a keen understanding of the law as well as the financial issues that will be addressed in the probate process.

I have more than 25 years of knowledge and experience in untangling the complex financial and emotional landscapes of contested estates, trusts and guardianships through both litigation and negotiation to represent the needs of all of my client.

If you are involved in a contested estate probate matter or trust administration, or require assistance in contest and estate or trust, contact me online or by phone at 301-627-4300 to schedule a meeting.