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Wills and trusts are the most common — and can be the most effective — tools available to estate planning attorneys.  These documents can help you describe and execute a sound financial and legal plan to protect your wishes for your own future and that of your heirs.  Contact Justin J. Sasser to discuss your estate planning matters.

Last Will and Testament

If you have assets in excess of $150,000 or a minor child, at a minimum, you need a properly prepared will. Most people know what a will is.  Dying without a will is called dying “intestate,” as will be discussed below.

Among the basic requirements of a will, you must sign it in the presence of two witnesses.  If the testator signed while not in “sound mind,” it will be declared invalid.  Witnesses should not be “interested,” that is, have an interest in the estate.

If you die intestate, your property will go to your spouse, or your family.  Only if you have no living relatives would your property go to the state of Maryland.

Most clients understand the need for a plan, but it is my 25 years of experience meeting the financial and legal needs of a wide range of clients that informs my strategies in building those plans.  I understand the law and how the implementation of these tools will affect administration and execution of your estate.  At the Law Offices of Justin J. Sasser, LLC, I can help you put the right estate planning tool to work for your situation.

Using Wills and Trusts Effectively

Depending on your assets, health, and plans for the future, there are many strategies involving wills and trusts I can use to serve you.  The only way for a lawyer to effectively use the many tools available for estate planning is to take the time to become invested in your story, your goals and your needs.

An irrevocable living trust, for example, can do more than help your family avoid probate court costs under certain circumstances: it can help you avoid having your assets be taken into conservatorship should you become seriously disabled.  Trusts, and proper trust administration, can address a significant number of contingencies.

I can create documents for you that will create a long-term plan for:

  • Your Health
  • Your Property
  • Your Wealth
  • Your Business
  • Your Heirs

And, all these plans will be based firmly on your desired goals.

Contact a Will and Trust Attorney in Maryland

You never know when you will run out of time to build a solid and dependable plan for your heirs. Talk to an estate planning attorney to take the sound financial and legal steps necessary to protect yourself and your heirs. Call my office today at 301-627-4300 or contact me online to schedule an appointment to discuss the wills and trusts that can work for you.

Please take the time to complete these questionnaires before coming to your consultation.

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My experience can also help clients choose their agents and trustees, which is often the single most important decision to be made and is rarely as obvious as it may seem.

Successful outcomes start with the right choices about your future.