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A will serves various purposes. It names a trusted person to handle the transfer of the estate and directs the transfer. Narrative text can express feelings and final communications.  Another important role is to appoint a guardian, should children or vulnerable adults be left behind.  Finally, you can clarify the status of a former spouse or step-children to avoid confusion or disputes. Even if you have a trust, you still need a will.

Each state has legal requirements for a will to be valid.  If a will is found by the court to be invalid, then your estate will be considered “intestate.”  This means that your property and funds will be distributed according to Maryland statutory law. Many do not know what this entails, and it almost certainly would not be your preference.

I can assure you that your last will and testament is valid, and guide you in avoiding excessive taxation, selecting a suitable personal representative and complying with statutory requirements. Contact me today.

If you have assets in excess of $100,000 or a minor child, at a minimum, you need a properly prepared will.

I am Justin J. Sasser and I represent Maryland clients in family law, divorce, estate planning, and estate probate matters.  With more than 25 years of deep and broad experience, a proven track record of handling complex cases and an emphasis on client service, my practice is respected among former clients, fellow attorneys and judges.

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Contact me for a consultation about a health care directive, living will or other matters.  In all my work, I attempt to proactively avoid confusion and conflict between family members.  I offer sophisticated legal solutions to family law and estate planning clients.  Disputes do arise, and so I handle negotiations and litigation if that is in the best interest of my client.

If you are considering establishing a financial estate preservation plan, or if you are a personal representative seeking help with Maryland probate, contact me online or by phone at 301-627-4300 to schedule a meeting.  Positive outcomes start with the right choices about your future.